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Reflections of 2023 from Kombat Hall

Sunday is the last day of the year; it gives me time to reflect on our merry-go-round around the sun. 

Kombat Hall had a heartful year; we poured our hearts into training. I have seen many Dojos. However, I have been to only one Dojo with the same amount of love- Sensei Ken's Dojo in Stockholm.

I am so proud to be a part of Kombat Hall, something that gives me immense satisfaction, walking in the steps of Dojo every day.

Here are some highlights that come to my mind.

Upgrades in The Dojo

Early this year, we got the mat covers; covering the mats in a unified cover gave extreme durability and stability. We also got wall mats that help us remain confident while sparring and moving so that we are not banging.

The strength section got a cable crossover machine in March, which complements the free weights and helps get complete strength training. 

Students helped us set it up with loads of love. Dishita, who left for another city, painted the wooden jump boxes along with Jasnoor.

Students helped setup Dojo
Helping Hands

Extreme 3.0

Extreme 3.0 in Manesar was action-packed. We had Pawan Mann for Boxing and Coach Ashwin from Warriors Cove for BJJ. Marathon Man Kartar Yadav helped us run better. Life Coach Vikas Jain helped us expand our mindset. Our coaches, led by Sensei Yashpal, Sesei Anamika, Coach Ankit, and I, ensured everything was challenging yet smooth. 

We will be announcing Extreme 4.0 soon. It just gets bigger and better, so do sign up for it.  

Guest Sessions.

2023, saw some exciting guest sessions. (Check out these glimpses)

Kombat Hall's Birthday

We celebrated our 1st Birthday in June; it was a surreal feeling and super fun. 

Kombat 2023

Kombat 2023 was a challenge we took on; I was nervous as I did not want to do anything that was below the standards Kombat Hall believes in. The show was a hit; everything went on time, and not just the results but the fact that we all put so much blood and sweat in preparation was the real takeaway. We need to make Kombat 2024 even more prominent, and I am already nervous about that.

Radha, Shushant and Sudeshna even made the event go live, which was beyond the set expectations.

Manisha, Prateen and Poonam had set up stalls for their home businesses. Everything came together.

Sharad, Manavi, Poonam, and our coaches managed the show in an unprecedented smoothness.

Kombat 2023
Kombat 2023

Our Special Coaches 

  • Coach Ankit has been with us from the beginning of Kombat Hall and is the boss of the strength section; his guidance is vital in the success of Kombat Hall. He is soon coming up with Strength Certifications.

  • Sensei Shushant is the toughest of our coaches, and surviving each session with him is a badge of honour.

  • Sensei Aman brings the knowledge and experience of MMA and cage fighting. He is growing in stature with every passing day. He also created a sparring day, which was a super hit.

  • Sensei Varun helps with flexibility, and we can see progress in regular people. He is also excellent with kids and the karate batch. 

  • Sensei Anjali has started a new kids batch over the weekend, and seeing the kids and their beginner's minds in action is so exciting.   

  • Sensei Poonam had to pause coaching to focus on her bakery. She remains the favourite coach of the kid's batch and, of course, keeps training hard.

  • Vaishanavi left for the UK, and I am glad she helped us start the flexibility sessions. I always miss her in Kickboxing classes.

  • Lipika left to pursue her Dojo, and we are grateful to her for starting the weekend batch, which Sensei Shushant has embraced enthusiastically.  

Our Special Students

There are many martial arts and fitness academies out there. Thank you for choosing Kombat Hall. 

The bond amongst us is of a family and lifelong association. 

Although there are sporadic cases of some students not replying or not paying, some rotten apples come everywhere. We can ignore them and be proud of our community; we even asked a couple of them to leave.

Having a solid, close-knit group that we are is more important. 

The Achievers

  • Kanish won the Delhi State Karate Championship.

  • Sudeshna and Bavithran represented us and won the MMA FitZone Kickboxing championship.

  • Karate Kids won several. Medals- Zoey, Ronika, Lavanya, Arrchita, Jasnoor, Jasraj, Pihu.

  • Kombat 2023 Warriors- Navya, Ira, Omisha, Rayee, Tiaara, Jasnoor, Hrishi, Kanish, Krisheen, Atharv, Jasraj, Saanvi, Roopika, Radha, Deepak, Abhishek, Mohan, Ravi, Sudeshna, Siddharth, Himanshu, Hitesh, Sharad, Chirag and Puneet.

Karate Medalists
Karate Medalists


Belt Promotions

Kombat Hall is proud of holding two successful belt tests under Sensei Yashpal, and students got promoted with flying colours. Unlike many Dojos where belts fly every alternate months, each student earns their belt with blood and sweat here.

Belt Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony

Appreciation Cards

We rolled out appreciation cards, and the following have achieved the gifts so far:

  • Arrchita, Karate Kids

  • Lavanya, Karate Kids

  • Hrishi, Karate Kids

  • Isha, Strength

  • Sudeshna, Kickboxing

Referral Bonus

We have a referral bonus, and some of us contributed, including Rayee, Siddharth and Sensei Shushant. 

I was lucky to represent Kombat Hall at the annual Sanshinkan International Camp in Sweden; I look forward to more students joining the pilgrimage in 2024 :).

All coaches, including me, have given our best and will continue to do so. Please keep sharing your feedback, and let's make 2024 even better together.




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