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About Us

Kombat Hall by Sanshinkan

Kombat Hall is an initiative by Sanshinkan Martial Arts to provide authentic knowledge of Martial Arts supported by state of the art modern facilities and personalised strength, flexibility, nutrition and injury management.

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Sanshinkan-The Legacy

Sanshinkan is the legacy of Soke Tamas Weber. Tamas Weber is a known personality in the world of martial arts. His knowledge of Karate is unique, only a few living practitioners share his experience. Tamas Weber has trained with many big names within and outside the style of Shitoryu. 

Sanshinkan in India is represented by Sensei Yashpal Singh Kalsi, one of India's most reputed martial art practitioners and coaches. Yashpal Singh Kalsi is also a leading name in the world of Mixed Martial Arts administartion.

In 2022, Sanshinkan has completed 50 years since it was founded by Soke Tamas Weber.

Kombat Hall by Sanshinkan is a part of this legacy.

The Lineage

Simplified Sanshinkan Lineage of over 100 Years.
Knowledge- Sensei Ken Bokelius
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