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Our Coaches

Meet the awesome coaches of Kombat Hall

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Yashpal Singh Kalsi

Head Coach- Karate and MMA

India's most respected name in Martial Arts and Self-Defence. Yashpal Singh Kalsi is mentor to some India's best coaches, fighters and successful martial artstists. 

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Shikher Gupta

Karate and Kickboxing

Black Belt from Sanshinkan Shitoryu Karate. Shikher Gupta is known as a passionate coach and a keen learner.

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Poonam Sachdeva

Karate & Women Fitness

Karate Mom with Black Belt and Caring Attitude. Poonam is an inspiration to women across India.

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Ankit Kumar

Strength and Fitness

A K11 Certified Strength Coach and Personal Trainer with more than five years of experience. Ankit helps warriors achieve their fitness goals and is also a Special Population Coach

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Shushant Sharma

Kickboxing and MMA

Black Belt 4th Dan and Fitness Enthusiast. Shushant is a Passionate Martial Artist and Coach. 

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Aman Saini


Aman is a Pro MMA fighter representing India and Sanshinkan in top MMA leagues like Matrix Fight Night. A Karate Black Belt and BJJ practitioner, Aman is a passionate coach who loves putting students under pressure to get their best. 

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Varun Gupta

Flexibility and Yoga

Varun is a Yogi and a Karate Black Belt. He understands how a martial artist operates and the recovery and flexibility needed. He loves seeing results and helping students improve on their flexibility.

Anjali Kaushik


Anjali is a Black Belt from Sanshinkan Shito-Ryu and believes Karate is her way of life. 

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