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Shikher Gupta

Shikher Gupta is the founder of Kombat Hall. A Passionate Martial Artist, Shikher earned his Black Belt under Sensei Yashpal and has represented India in European Karate Championships.

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Dedicated to Martial Arts

Shikher Gupta started his martial arts journey in 2012 under Sensei Yashpal. 
He was regular in training camps across the world and earned his Black Belt in 2016 under the supervision of Soke Tamas in Sweden.   

Shikher has several national level medals and represented India in the European Championships in 2018. Shikher started teaching karate in 2016, and his first batch of Black Belts graduated in April 2022 after a gruelling 45-day test.


Shikher's academic background includes an MBA from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad. He is a certified marketer from the University of Pennsylvania with certifications like Market Research from the IE Business School.  

Shikher has numerous fitness and nutrition certifications from leading universities like the University of Colorado Boulder and Stanford University.
He frequently conducts guest lectures and knowledge programs across top Business Schools and corporations on marketing, fitness and Self-Defence.

Shikher has featured in Aaj Tak, India's leading mainline media, as a fitness expert. He is also the face behind self-defence courses of leading brands like IMPOWER.

shikher gupta founder kombat hall

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