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Authentic Martial Arts and Fitness Training


Karate means "Empty Hand". Learn traditional Karate from the tradition of Sanshinkan Shito-Ryu to develop confidence and the ability to defend self and family. 

Batches: Families, Kids and Adults 

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Kickboxing is a standup combat sport that includes punching and kicking. Join high-energy sessions that build fitness, stamina and self-defence.

Batches: Kids and Adults

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BJJ equips us to take an opponent to the ground, get a dominant position, and force them into submission via locks or chokes. Learn BJJ to overcome a strong opponent in sports or Self-Defence.

Batches: Kids, Adults

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MMA is a full-contact sport that includes striking, grappling and submissions. MMA, usually practised as a sport, can also be practised for holistic combat development.

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Strength Training helps achieve overall fitness goals, lead a pain-free life and get better at Martial Arts skills.

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Kombat Hall supports your martial arts training with strength, flexibility, nutrition and physiotherapy guidance. Check out the 5-in-1 Program.

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