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Yashpal Singh Kalsi

Sensei Yashpal Singh Kalsi is one of India's most respected martial artist. He conducts international seminars on Self-Defence and Karate. Yashpal Singh Kalsi is a frequent medalist in International Championships, he trains students from all over the world.

Yashpal Singh Kalsi is the head of Sanshinkan India and looks after the organisation across South Asia. 

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The Pioneer of Self-Defence in India

Born in 1978 in Delhi, Yashpal Singh Kalsi took up karate at the age of 8 and soon became captain of his school karate team. Yashpal received his first black belt in 1996 under Sensei AB George.

Yashpal started coaching at Indian Martial Arts Academy in 1996, under the guidance of Shihan A. B. George. In 1999, he extended services to the All India Martial Art Federation and Martial Art Association of Delhi.

In 2001, he started working under Shihan Dr Moses Thilak, a direct lineage of Kenei Mabuni. 
Soke Yuriy Kostrov of Agni Kenpo appointed Yashpal Singh as the representative of Kenpo Karate in India in 2004.
Yashpal Singh Kalsi Itosu Kai karate under Grandmaster Saadaki Sakagami from Japan after the demise of Shihan Thilak in 2004.

In 2007, Soke Tamas Weber appointed Yashpal Singh Kalsi as Chief of Sanshinkan Karate in South Asia. A position he holds with responsibility.

Yashpal Singh Kalso has won various medals at state, national and International Karate Championships.


Yashpal Singh Kalsi is a 7th Degree Black Belt, he is also the founding member of All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation and a leading name for Self-Defence expertise in India. 

Be a part of the Sanshinkan Legacy

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