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Rights and Duties

Rights and Duties of Every Kombat Hall Student



  1. The fee plan starts on the joining day.

  2. The fee payment should happen in advance on the due date.

  3. Any delay in the payment beyond seven days will attract a penalty of INR 50 per day.

  4. Absence from the student (planned/ unplanned) will not result in an extension of the fee plan.

  5. In a prolonged absence, the student must inform the coach to freeze the program before starting the leaves. Only two freezes are allowed in a year. 

  6. Students who return after a more than two months break will automatically switch to the current fee plans as applicable.

  7. The fee, once paid, shall not be refundable in any case.



  1. Belt Test eligibility till Brown Belt is six months of practice at the current level with regular attendance records in the Sanshinkan App.

  2. Students can only appear in the belt tests once their coach approves their eligibility.

  3. The Belt Test amount is applicable at the time of the test.

  4. Students can appear for tests in the camp irrespective of their last test date, depending upon the approval from their coach.

  5. Students have to apply for the belt test using the Sanshinkan app only.


Training Gear

  1. Students must always be in their clean and complete uniform (if applicable).

  2. Students must always carry training gear like gloves, mouth guards, hand wraps and shin guards.

  3. Students must ensure that the training gear is of good quality and optimal size, as it directly impacts their and their partners' safety. 

  4. Kombat Hall also offers good-quality training gear, which students can purchase subject to availability.

  5. Students can also purchase training gear and uniforms on their own. If a student decides to buy equipment from the market, they should seek the coach's consent to ensure the equipment is of acceptable quality.

  6. KOMBAT HALL does not warrant that using protective equipment will eliminate the possibility of accident or injury but shall reduce the risk. In recognition of the chance of an accident or damage connected with martial arts training in DOJO, KOMBAT HALL shall not be responsible for any such injury arising from such activities and shall not bear any liabilities against KOMBAT HALL, its Volunteers, Instructors, Principal Instructors, Technical, Employees and the managing committee.



  1. Dojo is a place of learning and needs respect.

  2. In continuation with the traditional Karate traditions, students must keep the Dojo clean before and after the class.

  3. Students must sign up and use the Sanshinkan Mobile App.

  4. Feedback is encouraged to improve the Dojo. Share at or by pasting feedback on the notice board. 

  5. Water is available at the Dojo for the students. However, students must carry their water bottles to avoid adding to the waste by using disposable glasses.

  6. Martial Artists need to be in charge of their destinies. We do not encourage complaints regarding curriculum and towards each other.

  7. Students must be respectful of their peers and coaches. 

  8. Leave ego and shoes in the shoe room before stepping upon the mats.

  9. Students must inform their coach about any absence or delay in reaching the class.

  10. The learnings go beyond fitness and self-defence. Be honest and sincere with your coach and training partners.

  11. Senior students must help the coach to maintain class decorum and conduct the classes whenever required.

  12. Students shall be responsible for their belongings in DOJO.

  13. Electronic equipment like mobile and tablets are not allowed during training/ camps.



  1. Coaches will inform students about any holiday in advance.

  2. Coaches make their best effort to ensure all classes happen as per schedule. However, in an emergency, the senior-most student must conduct the session.

  3. KOMBAT HALL can modify the class schedule if necessary this may include altering the current class schedule, closing DOJO on public holidays or any other event/ reason/ any other purposes. Such modifications do not relieve the student of the payment obligations.


Tournaments & Seminars

  1. Kombat Hall encourages participation in tournaments and seminars for personal growth and development.

  2. Coaches will notify students about upcoming tournaments and seminars.


Medical Declaration

  1. Students must provide a medical declaration in the Sanshinkan app when signing up.

  2. Students must inform their coach about medical conditions, medications, allergies and restrictions.

  3. We recommend that students opt for a paid Musco-Skeleton Assessment at Physio Active, available at a subsidised rate for Kombat Hall students. 



  1. Kombat Hall does not arrange any transportation for students.

  2. Students need to arrange for their transport to the Dojo. 

  3. Students are encouraged to Pool In/ Walk or Cycle to the Dojo and minimise their carbon footprints. 



  1. I have NO OBJECTION if the KOMBAT HALL uses my /daughter/son/ward's pictures, videos, or names as advertisement through the newspaper, internet, brochures, banners and other means.

  2. I am aware and understand that physical contact by principal instructors, instructors, examiners of KOMBAT HALL, other students or authorised individuals is part of my training and instruction, and for which I have my full consent to any physical contact as may be required or essential to martial arts and self-defence training.

  3. I agree and am entirely aware that martial art is a contact sport. My participation in training/tests/competitions/demonstrations/seminars/camps or any unforeseen circumstances can lead to any injury, both major/minor, mishap or accident. By signing this application form/ enrolling for training, I agree to accept the full responsibility for damages, both major and minor, casualties and any accident which might occur to myself / child/ward and declare that the Principal Instructor & Examiner, the Instructors, Officials or the institution KOMBAT HALL shall NOT be held responsible.

  4. On misbehaviour /indiscipline/ or participating in illegal activities, trainers or officials may take disciplinary or legal action against the student.

  5. Governing law shall be India, and the courts of Gurugram, Haryana shall have jurisdiction.

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